Mickael Obrenovitch

Born in 1979 on the French Riviera in Carqueiranne, France, Mickaël Obrenovitch was fascinated by art and the history of civilization from a very young age. After completing his education in applied arts, his passion for arts has only grown stronger.

He works internationally as a contemporary artist and presents his collections in galleries and renowned hotels all over the world, including France, Macau, Bali, Jakarta, and Singapore. His artistic approach is intimately linked to the «organic» and «humanist» movement and his passion for shapes and materials.

“There are no limits to creativity but the one you impose on yourself.”

Mickael’s focus on spiritual introspection inspires him to create unique art in his perpetual search for a deep understanding of the world by promoting cross-cultural and interdisciplinary pieces. Through his work, Mickael wishes to convey his personal vision of the meaning of life and our place in the universe.

His long-term project “Gates of the World” emanates from his holistic vision of humanity.


    Exhibitions & Artwork

    2020 Expo Future Energy – Astana

    2020 Expo Future Energy – Astana

    2019 Gate of Colombia

    2017 Expo Future Energy – Astana

    2017 The Ritz Carlton – Almaty

    2017 Chateau des Anglades – Hyeres

    2017 Chateau Galoupet – Hyeres

    2017 Moulin de Vernegues – Aix 

    2017 Samabe – solo exhibition – Bali

    2017 Metis Gallery – Bali

    2016Saint Andre Figuieres – Hyeres

    2016 Maya Ubud & Sanur – Bali

    2016 Alila Seminyak – Bali

    2015 IAOHIN Gallery – Macau

    2015 Pullman Legian Nirwana – Bali

    2015 Sofitel Nusa Dua – Bali

    2015 Le French May – HK / Macau

    2015 Sofitel At Ponte 16 – Macau

    2014 Como Shambhala Estate – Bali

    2014 Como Shambhala Estate – Bali

    2014 Umah by Como Ubud – Bali

    2014 Chapung Sebali – Bali

    2014 Hubud – Bali